Complexity: Moderate


Child of the Lightning, once known as Bright Thunder Roars in the days when it tore across the land as an avalanche of sound and chaos. It lost that form when the Stalker of Hidden Secrets imprisoned it in a canyon, binding it to echo perpetually back and forth until its thunder died out or the stones of the island wore away. The Dahan freed it from that imprisonment. Weakened but grateful, Bright Thunder Roars bound itself to aid the Dahan until a generation had passed for every year of its imprisonment, and in so binding changed its nature, becoming both less and more than it had been. It often takes human form, now, and with centuries' practice wears it with ease. Chiefs call on the Thunderpseaker only in times of great need; it has not been much seen since the destruction of the Servant Cults.

Summary of Powers












Put 2 on your starting board: 1 in each of the 2 lands with the most

Play Style

Has a keen interest in where the Dahan are - partly because so many of its starting powers work through them, partly because its Presence can move along with them. When picking new Power Cards, it will often want to take good Dahan-centric Powers, but it can also branch out into other areas.