Vital Strength of the Earth

Vital Strength of the Earth

Complexity: Low


A spirit of great and unhurried power. The life that earth yields up to roots, the ground supporting the life that lives upon it. The patience of seasons and of stone. It is not usually a direct benefactor of the Dahan - rather than giving blessings it prefers to work in concert with them, lending power to joint undertakings. Currently it is trying to rouse itself to fight against the Invaders, but this swift and direct action runs somewhat counter to its nature.

Summary of Powers












Put 3 on your starting board: 2 in the highest-numbered Mountain, 1 in the highest-numbered Jungle.

Play Style

Powerful but slow: has potent Power Cards and an excellent Energy income, but starts with only one card play per turn, and Growth is limited to adding one Presence per turn. Also slow to change: learning new Powers carries slightly more cost than reclaiming played Power Cards