Volcano Looming High

Volcano Looming High

Complexity: Unknown


A spirit of fire and earth stretching upwards to the sky, casting a long and dangerous shadow across the land. The deeper Spirits of vulcanism are too powerful and slow, too removed to respond to the Invaders - but not so this one. It doesn't dislike humans per se, but neither does it have much use for them, so the Dahan tend to keep away from it as much as possible, and will not quarry stone in its shadow. Of course, larger eruptions can impact a good chunk of the island, so they sometimes end up dealing with its temper whether they want to or not.

Summary of Powers



Put 1 on your starting board in a mountain of your choice.

Play Style

Benefits more than most Spirits from getting onto the board; in addition to improving Energy/Card Plays, it can fuel an Explosive Eruption. This can result in a huge turn, but if overdone the following turn or two may be very constrained. Bigger eruptions are extremely powerful, but cause , and the Invaders may not provide the luxury of enough time to build up the desired pressure - juding the timing of when to erupt and for how much is a key part of playing this Spirit.