Vengeance As a Burning Plague

Vengeance As a Burning Plague

Complexity: High


A Spirit of vengeance, anger and retribution. In its incarnation as Burning Plague, it slumbers in a simmering volcanic pool, awakening at unpredictable intervals... or when roused through supplication by one wronged. Most Dahan consider this foolhardy, for it vents its wrath on entire communities, and its pestilence may spread anywhere. Clans with a close relationship to Hearth-Vigil have less to fear, but still deem it wise - and humane - not to push their luck. It is unclear whether its recent waking is due directly to the ravaging of the Invaders or to some Spirit's pleas.

Summary of Powers



1 of your starts the game already destroyed. Put 3 on your starting board: 1 in the Wetland without , 1 in the Mountain without , and 1 in the land with Townicon.png/Cityicon.png. In that final land, also put 1 (from the box); this does not destroy or cascade.

Play Style

Starts slow, facing an early choice whether to stop Builds (with ) or let them happen (to generate Fearicon.png and keep on the island). Grows to be very effective at tearing into heavily-populated lands with lots of and/or , but setting those up may require some care... and make other Spirits uneasy, with how much is piling up.