Shifting Memory of Ages

Shifting Memory of Ages

Complexity: Moderate


An immensely old Spirit that has ascended to great power countless times over the ages - and then destroyed that power each time, severing huge pieces of itself to become small once again. It does this in part for the thrill of learning anew, but also for the delight of perceiving the living world on the short timescales that larger Spirits grow beyond. The Invaders' arrival has pushed it to grow much more quickly that it usually would, re-learning lesons and powers from its deep past in order to fight more effectively. After the fight is won, there will be time to forget, to diminish, and renew itself once more.

Summary of Powers



Put 3 on your starting board: 1 in land #4 and 2 in land #8.

Play Style

Powerful but ponderous. Starts off with a little ability to influence the board, but has Powers that let it (or its fellow Spirits) command greater and greater effectiveness over time. Very good with Major Powers, and can jump straight into them in early-game, but will need to devote a certain amount of attention to gaining Energy if it does.