Starlight Seeks Its Form

Starlight Seeks Its Form

Complexity: High


Every once and again, where the starlight falls to ground there arises a new Spirit. Its essence is initially that of the stars and nighttime sky, but from the moment it touches the island it begins to change, adapting and reimagining itself for its new home. Only a few of the island's Spirits came to be in this fashion, but many of them have been memorable. This one arrived shortly after the Invaders started to spread, striking the earth where they had cleared land for farming. Fragile and new, it was saved from dissolution by Stone's Unyielding Defiance, and in gratitude fights the Invaders even as it seeks to define itself.

Summary of Powers



Put 1 on your starting board, in a land with .

Play Style

A build-your-own-Spirit, capable of going in many different directions based on Elements picked, Growth choices selected, and Power Cards kept. Has a very high personal/visual complexity for the sheer degree of choice, but doesn't change the game as much as most High-complexity Spirits. Does best with some measure of adaptation to early Power Cards, rather than trying to choose a strategy before the game begins. Gaining multiple Power Cards early on can help to settle on a direction.