Downpour Drenches the World

Downpour Drenches the World

Complexity: High


The deluge. As the Dahan say, "When the very air turns to water and the sound of rainfall drowns out all but the loudest thunder, at that moment when it could not conceivable pour any more - and then suddenly, impossibly, it is raining twice as much - that is the downpour." A Spirit of the high skies bridging to the earth below with a cascading torrent of water, rain blowing on the wind and soaking the ground. Flies back and forth across the boundary between water which brings life and growth, and water which overwhelms everything save the plants and soil entwined in each others' protection.

Summary of Powers



Put 1 on your starting board in the lowest-numbered Wetland.

Play Style

Cares about the question "How useful is this Power in the current context?" even more than most Spirits: it rarely plays all its Power Cards in any given Reclaim cycle (some get discarded to Growth), and for those it does play, it often has the option of using them multiple times. Benefits even more than most Spirits from having lots of Presence on the board, both for Rain and Mud Suppress Conflict and to facilitate its Unique Powers (by making more lands Wetlands).