Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds

Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds

Complexity: Moderate


Spread throughout Spirit Island are pockets of deep wilderness, untouched by human hands. A few have a spirit of sanctity about them. The leaves there whisper words of forbiddance, of warnings, of wrath for those who trespass. The Dahan know how to listen, and stay well away. A few spirit-seekers claim that these wild-spirits (powerful as they are) are merely custodians and wardens for other more powerful, spirits of ancient trees and deep roots who wake neither frequently nor easily. Nobody much cares to test the truth of the matter.

Summary of Powers












Put 1 and 1 on your starting board in the highest-numbered Jungle.

Play Style

A slowly growing wall - expanding can sometimes be difficult, but the Invaders will have an equally difficult time penetrating wherever the Keeper plants itself. In larger games, it may be useful to spread to one of the two far-distant lands early on, to have multiple points from which to slowly grow.