River Surges in Sunlight

River Surges in Sunlight

Complexity: Low


On most of Spirit Island, the rivers run high during the rainy season, as one would expect. There is one exception: the lingering remains of an ancient curse keep a high ridge shrouded in ice, and when the sun beats down, it feeds a single river with abundant meltwater. River Surges in Sunlight is a spirit of rushing water, inundation, and bounty out of season. It gets along well with the Dahan who farm along its banks; they reap the benefit of good harvests, and tend to the health of the river in its drier times. Both gain.

Summary of Powers












Put 1 on your starting board in the highest-numbered Wetlands.

Play Style

While capable of some direct offense, River Surges in Sunlight is best at flooding out Explorers and Towns, displacing them from lands where they might Build or Ravage. The ability to get free Sacred Sites makes a wide range of Powers more useful.